June 19, 2024
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World Premiere recordings of new, exciting American quartets by Kati Agocs, Zack Browning, Roshanne Etezady (KEEN), Ross Feller, Kristin Kuster, and Rand Steiger.
Saxophone dynamo Timothy McAllister plays exciting new works for solo saxophone, saxophone and piano, and electronics by award-winning composers Kati Agocs, Daniel Asia, Caleb Burhans, Roshanne Etezady (GLINT), Philippe Hurel, Kristin Kuster, Peter Terry, and Gregory Wanamaker.  Heralded as “an amazing achievement” (Fanfare, Nov/Dec. 2010).
The University of Kansas Wind Ensemble offers musically enriching and artistically outstanding performances of the finest wind band repertoire. The Ensemble here presents a diverse selection of 21st-century music which takes its name from multi-award-winning Ticheli`s exuberant Wild Nights! Mackey`s Soprano Saxophone Concerto pays tribute to his teacher Corigliano`s Clarinet Concerto, the instrumentation of its inner movements matching their titles: ‘Felt’, ‘Metal’ and ‘Wood’. Etezady`s Anahita was inspired by William Morris Hunt`s depiction of the beautiful and terrifying Zoroastrian night goddess, Dzubay`s Shadow Dance elaborates on Pérotin’s famous medieval organum Viderunt Omnes, while Bryant’s chorale-like Dusk is illuminated by the fiery hues of sunset.
This 2010 release from the renowned West Point Band features Etezady's four-movement theatrical song cycle POINTS OF DEPARTURE, as well as the premiere recording of John Mackey's trombone concerto HARVEST and works by Dwayne Milburn, Adam Gorb, Randol Bass, Joseph Willcox Jenkins, and Robert Jager.
“Glint” by Roshanne Etezady is another highlight of this collection. Etezady is presently on the theory and composition staff at ASU and has written works for a number of prominent new music specialists, including the ‘eighth blackbird’ ensemble.  There is almost no way to describe this piece. It must be heard. The “glint” is truly the hard, shiny, edgy performance given by the duo performers, clarinet and saxophone. This might by the most jaw-dropping technical display on the program. The always incredible Robert Spring is joined by the equally amazing saxophonist, Timothy McAllister."
Conor Nelson and Ayano Kataoka play works for flute and marimba, including Roshanne Etezady's HOT WATER/BURN BABY, as well as works by Chan Ka Nin, Dennis DeSantis, and Naoko Hishinuma.